Ducati enters pre-owned bike segment

Ducati enters pre-owned bike segment

Ganesh Murthy

Have you ever wanted to own a Ducati but didn’t have enough dough to buy one? God has listened to your prayers – Ducati has announced its entry into the pre-owned bike segment! The premium motorcycle brand has announced its Ducati Approved programme, where you can buy pre-owned Ducati bikes which are not older than five years with mileage lower than 50,000km and have passed a 35-checkpoint list. Not bad right? There’s more. The  pre-owned bike programme also includes road side assistance, a 12-month warranty with the possibility of warranty transfer to the new owner in case of sale, says Ducati. Now, you have a chance to own motorcycles ranging from Ducati Scramblers to the exotic Panigale V4 motorcycles that adorn your bedroom walls. A pre-owned Ducati Diavel registered in 2015 costs just Rs 5.88 lakh! The company also says that the costs of materials and labour charges will be covered by its dealers without any advance payment as per the agreed terms and conditions.

On Ducati’s entry into the pre-owned bike programme, Sergi Canovas, managing director of Ducati India, said, “Our entry in the pre-owned segment in India will make Ducati more accessible to passionate bikers who aspire for the luxurious & premium experience offered by Ducati motorcycles. I believe that Ducati Approved program will help bike enthusiasts in upgrading themselves to their dream machine in a cost efficient and assured manner. With this program, our aim is to sell bikes with the same level of sophistication and authenticity as offered with a new Ducati.”

The pre-owned bike segment is relatively small, as there are not many dedicated dealers to cater to this segment. Earlier this year, Royal Enfield had announced its foray into the pre-owned bike segment via its ‘Vintage Store’, while Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India Pvt Ltd already has its chain of pre-owned bike dealers in the country. Expect the numbers to grow in the coming years with more consumers exploring the idea of pre-owned two wheelers.

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