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CEAT Tyres launches its New GRIPP X3 Tyres in India

CEAT Tyres launches its New GRIPP X3 Tyres in India

Ganesh Murthy

CEAT Tyres has launched its new Gripp X3 tyres in India. These new tyres by CEAT provide powerful grip on roads ensuring safety to motorcycle riders. CEAT has devised these tyres with its new Dual Compound Technology (DCT) which gives it strong grip while on roads.

CEAT developed the Dual Compound Technology to deal with the problem of tyres losing its grip with aging. This technology ensures that when the outer layer of tyre is worn out, the internal high strength layer maintains the grip and provides longevity to the tyre. Thus, when the driver applies the brakes, the tyre grips the ground like a new one.

Keeping commuter safety in mind, CEAT is exploring innovations in Product Design, Material Development, Compound Development and tyre making process. The company believes this will help in making their position strong in Europe, where they have recently launched tyres.

With growing demand for high quality tyres, CEAT is continuously developing tyres with the latest technology. CEAT has especially designed these tyres keeping in mind the Indian conditions and its customers.

Indian riders have to deal with potholes, stray animals and careless drivers.Riding is a challenge in such circumstances. Hence it is imperative that the tyre have excellent grip to prevent slipping on road thereby preventing an accident.

Mr. Nitish Bajaj, senior vice president (Marketing) said, “CEAT’s continuous focus on Innovation and Research resulted in the development of Dual Compound Technology (DCT). Gripp X3, India’s first of its kind tyre maintains the same grip in its entire lifetime, thus guaranteeing safe and comfortable ride to the riders.”