California Superbike School will be back in August!

California Superbike School will be back in August!

The California Superbike School (CSS), a premier motorcycle riding school, will be back at Madras Motor Race Track in Chennai again. There are two slots – the first is from August 23-25 and the second slot is from August 30-September 1, 2019. Both the slots include the first two levels levels. The cost is Rs 60,000 for the first  two levels and for female participants and participants below the age of 16, the cost is Rs 50,000. This includes 18 per cent GST, food, fuel and insurance cover. This is the first time that CSS is returning for the second time in a year and the first time there are two weekends dedicated to only the first two levels instead of three levels.

What you need to bring and what to expect

You do have to bring your own riding gear which includes one piece (or two piece) leather suit, a double D-ring helmet that conforms with DOT standards, gauntlet type gloves with kevlar or carbon fibre in the knuckles and proper track boots with toe sliders. You have to take care of your accommodation, too. In the first level of CSS, the coaches brief the riders on the basics of cornering techniques and on the art of throttle control, followed by counter steering and gripping the tank with your knees. Level two is all about vision and looking where you want to go – an important aspect to avoid obstacles and emerge unscathed. A coach is assigned for three riders, who looks out for your mistakes and corrects it in the debriefings after the track session finish. If you still don’t get something right, the coaches will help you overcome the issues by following you out on the track in the following session. So far so good, right?

Become a better rider by joining California Superbike School (CSS)

CSS helps riders perfect their riding skills to help them ride safe and fast both in the urban jungle or the track. You can show up with your 100cc bike and learn the art of cornering. If you don’t have one, fret not, for California Superbike School will provide a ride for you on first come first serve basis. There are classroom sessions where the students are split into groups, theory lessons are explained and the riders hit the track for a set of laps to apply what they have learnt. The California Superbike School was started in 1976 by the legendary Keith Code and over the years, the experts at CSS have trained many world champions. It is a great chance for honing your riding skills in a controlled environment under the watchful eyes of the coaches. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and become a better, faster rider! Click here to register.

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