Street Triple RS
Street Triple RS

#BestOf2017 – Triumph Street Triple RS

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Possibly the most usable of superbikes sold in India at present, the Street Triple RS is powered by the same engine that will breathe fire into Moto 3 machines, come 2019. But that’s not why it makes it to this list. It is without doubt the best naked middleweight motorcycle out there today. It is so versatile that the only thing stopping it from becoming a full blown track bike is the lack of a fairing, while on regular roads it will keep up with any of the slow muck that one has to wade through on the way home from work. That 765 triple is a peach when you ride like a sober man but can become a screaming howling banshee when you cane it. The chassis is outstanding and so are the tyres and that fierce stopping power courtesy the Brembo M50 Monoblocs. The fact that it is priced lower than any other motorcycle that could have claimed rivalry just sweetens the deal further. The only negative from an Indian perspective is an unduly stiff ride quality.

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