Astric Motorcycle Jacket

Astric Motorcycle Jacket

Team Fast Bikes

A team of motorcycle enthusiasts and designers in Hong Kong have created a quirky jacket within which a motorcycle rain cover is concealed. The cover can be folded into a compression bag, and attached inside the back of the jacket.

The folks over at Astric Sports had this idea after realizing that when motorcyclists are riding a motorbike without a topbox or sidebox, there is basically nowhere to store the bike cover. That led to the creation of the Astric motorcycle jacket. Also, when you get the motorbike parked, the design allows you to fold the jacket and store it inside the motorcycle cover.

There are 3 colours (black, blue & green) and 6 sizes (M to 4XL) for the jacket. There are 4 sizes (S to XL) for the motorcycle cover. The company says that the water-repellent fabric is imported from Japan with water resistance level Grade 5, and can withstand water column pressure 5000mm. The product would be available globally.

The company has just launched their Kickstarter campaign today. So if you found the idea interesting, go ahead and support them!

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