2020 holiday season gifting guide
2020 holiday season gifting guide2020 holiday season gifting guide

2020 holiday season gifting guide

Here’s a guide of motoring themed gifts you could get for yourself or that motoring enthusiast you love

Holiday season is here and this roller coaster of a year is drawing to an end. And what better way to bid adieu to the year than getting yourself or a beloved motoring enthusiast something that will help enjoy our machines, (read motorcycles) a little more?

It goes without saying that 2020 was a God forsaken year for more reasons than one. A major aspect being that it kept us away from our cherished machines for months on end. Now, however, with restrictions easing up and some semblance of normalcy restored in our world, we can begin our adventures on two wheels and rekindle the spirit of motorcycling (socially distanced and responsibly, of course).

So here’s a little guide to help you come up with some motoring themed gifting ideas. The idea behind this guide is not to tell you exactly what to get but to give you a general idea of what direction to look in.

Here are some products/services ranging from Rs 799 to Rs 38,000, to help prepare you to embrace riding in the new normal while still retaining the Thrill of Riding.

1. STANLEY 1-89-033 1/4'' Drive 6 Point Socket and Bit Mechanic Tool Kit, Silver, 35-Pieces.
This product retails at Rs 2449 but can almost always be found at a discounted rate at the Amazon India website.

This is a basic 35-piece toolkit that has 13 six-point (hexagon) sockets ranging from 4mm to 14mm sizes along with the required ratchet, the holder and also a 16-piece screwdriver kit. All of it comes packaged in a nifty hard plastic case. Kits like these come extremely handy in performing tasks like adjusting the levers, or the shifter and foot-brake lever, adjusting chain tension, changing the oil, oil filter, adjusting mirrors, etc.

The kit helps in getting the user better versed with dealing with minor jobs as mentioned above and reduces or completely eliminates the need to go to a mechanic unless extremely necessary, promoting social distancing.

2. Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor

This handy product can be bought from the MI India webstore for Rs 2499:

As the name suggests, it is a portable electric air compressor which is not much bigger than a phone and can be used to inflate the tyres on your vehicle. Mi claims that the air compressor is good to inflate five car tyres on a single charge. The device also has a display showing vital information like battery charge, PSI levels, and the like. This is a device that can come extremely handy on those post-lockdown, socially distanced road trips.

3. Steelbird 7Wings 3 in 1 Face Shield: Goggles with Detachable Mask

This product is retails for Rs 799 and can be had with six different tints for the goggles. It can be bought from the Amazon India website:

The product is a clever launch from Steelbird. In essence it is a face mask and goggle combination that helps protect your entire face from the elements and also viruses (cough-cough). The Steelbird 7Wings 3 in 1 Face Shield looks stylish and has a clear motoring design. It might just fit while wearing a visor-less half face helmet. The best part is that the mask and the goggles can also be used independent of each other.

4. Trackday at the Buddh International Circuit (BIC)

One can avail of the track facilities at BIC or even get a tour of the track and all its facilities followed by a lap of the track. The tour will cost RS 2200 plus GST where as if you were to rent the trac for selfdriving/riding, the charges would be Rs 20,000 plus GST for an hour. This will be a great experience to drive/ride and push your limits without having to worry about traffic or pedestrians. A great way to explore the potential of you and your machine while blowing off some steam after being cooped up at home during the lockdown. All details regarding how to book and what the requirements can be found on the official website: http://buddhinternationalcircuit.in/

5. Hero XPulse 200 Rally kit.

The product retails for Rs 38,000 and can be ordered directly from Hero MotoCorp.

This product is exclusively for XPulse owners. The Rally kit includes knobby Maxis tyre, fully adjustable front and rear suspension, handlebar risers, a tall bench sear, extended side stand and an extended gear shifter. All this helps transform the XPulse 200 into a thorough bred MX/off-road bike and becomes a great platform to hone your off-road skills. And, the best part is that you can add this kit while the bike still stays road legal.

These are a few examples of gifts that can help you get up and running and ready to tackle the new normal and having fun and re-experience the Thrill of Riding while doing so.

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