MRF INMRC 2018: Rajiv Sethu leads Honda to victory

MRF INMRC 2018: Rajiv Sethu leads Honda to victory

MRF INMRC 2018 round four final results

The round four of the MRF MMSC fmsci Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship concluded at the MMRT on Sunday with thrilling performances by esteemed riders from various teams. Rajiv Sethu of team Honda Ten 10 Racing won in the premier Super Sport Indian 165cc class, ahead of TVS Racing’s defending champion Jagan Kumar. Another rider from Honda, S Mathana Kumar, finished third at the round four of the MRF INMRC.

Team Alisha Abdullah’s Prabhu Arunagiri finished ahead of Gusto Racing’s Satyanarayana Raju and Sparks Racing’s Rahil Pillari Shetty in the Pro-Stock 301-400cc category, which is set for a grandstand finish in the final round in December. There was more high-octane action in the Novice 165cc category of the round four MRF INMRC 2018 as Hyderabad’s 19-year old collegian Karthik Mateti bagged a dominating win to take a 16-point lead in the championship.

Indian National Drag Racing Championship 2018

In the exciting drag racing championship, Bengaluru’s Vivek Ramachander from team Tuneotronics topped the Unrestricted and Indian Open (Stock Body) categories among cars whereas Hemant Mudappa was the winner in the Unrestricted, 1051cc and Above, and 851-1050cc classes in the two-wheeler section.

Find the provisional results of the MRF INMRC 2018 round four below:

Super Sport Indian 165cc (Race-2, 8 laps): 1. Rajiv Sethu (Honda Ten 10 Racing) (15mins, 32.320secs); 2. Jagan Kumar (TVS Racing) (15:32.450); 3. S Mathana Kumar (Honda Ten 10 Racing) (15:37.725).

Pro-Stock 301-400cc (Race-2, 8 laps): 1. Prabhu Arunagiri (Team Alisha Abdulla) (15:24.129); 2. Satyanarayana Raju (Gusto Racing) (15:24.706); 3. Rahil Pillari Shetty (Sparks Racing) 15:34.637).

Pro-Stock 165cc (Race-2, 8 laps): 1. Rahil PIllari Shetty (Sparks Racing) (16:09.127); 2. Anish Shetty (Honda Ten 10 Racing) (16:14.615); 3. Senthil Kumar (Honda Ten 10 Racing) (16:14.851).

Novice (Stock, 165cc) 6 laps: 1. Karthik Mateti (Sparks Racing) (13:00.950); 2. Varun Sobhan (Speed Up Racing) (13:03.720); 3. Venkatesan I (pvt. Chennai) (13:05.622).

Yamaha-MMSC One-Make Championship (Novice, Race-2, 6 laps): 1. Varun Sobhan (Cherthala) (13:12.040); 2. Abhimanyu Gautam (Jind) (13:15.887); 3.Sanjay Kumar (Coimbatore) (13: 17.760).

Find the drag racing provisional results below:

Four-Wheelers – Unrestricted class: 1. Mithun M (Bengaluru) (12.845secs); 2. Vivek Ramachander (Tunetronics, Bengaluru) (12.875); 3. Radha Selvaraj (Chennai) (13.254). National champion: Vivek Ramachander.

Indian Open (Altered Body): Mithun M (Bengaluru) (12.910); 2. Radha Selvarajan (Chennai) (13.175); 3. Jayant V (Bengaluru) (13.220). National champion: Jayant V.

Indian Open (Stock body): Mithun M (Tunetronics, Bengaluru) (12.903); 2. Shubhodeep Ghosh (Tunetronics, Bengaluru) (14.631); 3. Vivek Ramachander (Tunetronics, Bengaluru) (14.785). National champion: Vivek Ramachander.

Indian Touring Cars – National champion: Kasha Sai (Salem).

Two-Wheelers (4-Stroke) – Unrestricted: 1. Hemant Mudappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru) (08.141secs); 2. Hafizullah Khan (Bengaluru) (08.312). National champion: Hemant Mudappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru).

1051cc and Above: 1. Hafizullah Khan (Bengaluru) (08.413); 2. Hemant Mudappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru) (08.486). National champion: Hemant Mudappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru)

851-1050cc: 1. Hemant Mudappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru) (08.618). 551-850cc: 1. Alimon (12.291). National champion: Hemant Mudappa (Mantra Racing, Bengaluru).

361-550cc: 1. Anandhu KK (Chennai) (12.775); 2. Deepak S (Bengaluru) (12.878); 3. Harshil Thakur (Mumbai) (12.996). National champion: R Ashwin Kumar (Chennai).

226-360cc: 1. Shankar Guru (Chennai) (13.995); 2. Shahinsha R (Chennai) (15.690); 3. Shivashankar (Chennai) (15.897). National champion: Shankar Guru (Chennai).

166-225cc: 1. Deepak S (Bengaluru) (13.715); 2. Harshil Thakur (Mumbai) (14.319); 3. Sameer Ali Shaikh (Mumbai) (14.752). National champion: Harshil Thakur (Mumbai).

Up to 165cc: 1. Jagan Kumar (Chennai) (14.496); 2. Aravind Ganesh (Chennai) (15.023); 3. Gowtham R (Bengaluru) (15.075). National champion: Aravind Ganesh (Chennai).

2-Stroke – 131-165cc: 1. Hussain Khan (Mumbai) (12.753); 2. Mohammed Rafiq (Chennai) (12.983); 3. Kaleem Pasha (Bengaluru) (13.066). National champion: Hussain Khan (Mumbai).

Up to 130cc: 1. Mohammed Rafiq (Chennai) (13.835); 2. Aravind Ganesh (Chennai) (13.920); 3. R Madhan Kumar (14:098). National champion: Hussain Khan (Mumbai).

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