MRF INMRC 2018 – Rajiv Sethu grabs pole position

MRF INMRC 2018 – Rajiv Sethu grabs pole position

MRF FMSCI INMRC 2018 -Round four qualifying results

Rajiv Sethu and Mithun Kumar of Honda Ten10 racing, and Prabhu Arunagiri of Team Alisha Abdullah grab pole positions in their respective classes during the qualifying sessions at the fourth round of the MRF INMRC 2018.

Sethu set a lap time of one minute, 54.999 seconds, well ahead of his TVS Racing rival and defending champion Jagan Kumar in the Super Sport Indian (165cc) class. However, Jagan still leads the championship table with 112 points while his teammate KY Ahmed is at 91 points.

In the Pro Stock 301-400cc category, Prabhu Arunagiri of Team Alisha Abdullah qualified for pole position with a lap time of 1:54.857. Rahil Pilari Shetty was quick to set a time close to Prabhu’s, but had to settle with P2 on the grid. Amarnath menon who is the championship leader in this category will start P3.

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Mithun Kumar of Honda Ten10 Racing topped the qualifying session in the Pro-Stock 165cc class with Naresh Babu (RACR) and Senthil Kumar (Honda Ten10 Racing) completing the front row for tomorrow’s race.

Sparks Racing riders dominated the qualifying sessions in the Novice (165cc) and Girls (Stock 165cc) categories by claiming top two slots. In the Girls category, championship leader Ann Jennifer expectedly took the pole position ahead of team-mate Ryhana Bee while Bengaluru’s Aditya Immaneni and Karthik Mateti from Hyderabad were 1-2 in the Novice (165cc) class.

The results (Qualifying):

Super Sport Indian (165cc): 1. Rajiv Sethi (Honda Ten 10 Racing) (01min, 54.999sec); 2. Jagan Kumar (TVS Racing) (01:55.034); 3. Deepak Ravikumar (TVS Racing) (01:55.409).

Pro-Stock (301-400cc): 1. Prabhu Arunagiri (Team Alisha Abdullah) (01:54.857); 2. Rahil Pilari Shetty (Sparks Racing) (01:55.962); 3. Amarnath Menon (Gusto Racing) (01:56.307).

Pro-Stock (165cc): 1. Mithun Kumar PK (Honda Ten10 Racing) (1:59.601); 2. Naresh Babu (RACR) (1:59.658); 3. Senthil Kumar (Honda Ten 10Racing) (2:00.510).

Novice (Stock 165cc): 1. Aditya Rao Immaneni (Sparks Racing) (02:08.109); 2. Karthik Mateti (Sparks Racing) (02:08.570); 3. Venkatesan I (Pvt, Chennai) (02:09.011).

Girls (Stock 165cc): 1. Ann Jennifer AS (Sparks Racing) (02:13.582); 2. Ryhana Bee (Sparks Racing) (02:13.605); 3. Shruthi Nagarajan (Apex Racing Academy) (02:16.014).

Yamaha MMSC One-Make Championship (Novice): 1. Aditya Rao Immaneni (Bengaluru) (02:09.825); 2. Nithin S (Bengaluru) (02:10.873); 3. Sanjay Kumar (Coimbatore) (02:11.571).

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