The German GP is here and Brembo says watch out for overheating brakes

The German GP is here and Brembo says watch out for overheating brakes

MotoGP has reached its mid-season now and with the German GP scheduled for this weekend, expect some high-octane action around the tight Sachsenring circuit. And at least a part of this action will result directly from overheating brakes, said Brembo in a press release.

Sachsenring, which celebrated its 90th anniversary last year and is the only circuit shorter than 4km, is one of those demanding tracks where short gaps between some bends mean that the cooling time for the brakes are less, thus taking a toll on the brakes. The circuit temperature too plays a huge roll – in 2015 the asphalt reached 42 °C during the race. Imagine the damage that it can do to the brakes that are already operating at sky-high temperatures.

The riders will be braking in seven sections in the Sachsenring circuit. Four braking sections have a deceleration value of 1.4g, while the other three sections have 0.6g and 0.7g bring the overall average of the deceleration value to 1.10g. A total of more than 900kg of load is applied on the brake levers for the entire duration of the race. The first bend of the circuit is the most demanding on the brakes, as the riders approach the bend at 291kmph, weigh down the anchors for 5.2 seconds till the bikes slow down to 74kmph, covering a distance of 244 metres in the process. They are subjected to is 1.5g of deceleration force on this part. The pressure on the brake fluid is 10.6 bar which is 5 times the ideal pressure, according to Brembo. On turn 13, the braking session lasts for 3 seconds with riders covering 129 metres braking from 219kmph to 95kmph.

Marc Marqez of Repsol Honda is currently the championship leader with 140 points. The gap to the second placed Movistar Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi is 41 points. Maverick Vinales also of Movistar Yamaha is in third with 93 points on the table. It will be another interesting battle between these riders in the tight Sachsenring circuit. While the Ducatis are faster than the Hondas on the straights, the toll on the brakes will be even more.

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