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Long term review: TVS Apache RR 310
Long Term

Long term review: TVS Apache RR 310


Too much of vibrations, a spoiler?

This month has mostly been spent trying to cure the vibrations that emit from the TVS Apache RR 310. Given the amount of ruckus that has been created by people – mostly automotive journo junta, TVS Motors eventually sent an R&D fellow to sort things out. Admittedly, the motorcycle’s engine does emit a fair amount of vibrations that can be felt on the handlebars, the footrests and the seats. Not a deal breaker in my books since vibrations are to be expected in a single cylinder machine that displaces over 300cc, but takes getting used to. An irritant at worst.

“In fact, Hrishi who had taken the bike out on a road trip came back and said that while the bike does vibrate, he wouldn’t hesitate to take it on a road trip again. Clearly, vibes are something he could live with.”

TVS has a solution

In the mean time, TVS worked out the problem, which they’re not really telling us. And then they went a step further and came out with some solutions. Solutions that I will now benefit from, now that the Apache RR 310 has gone in for its service and come back spanking new. Well, almost.

What has been changed?

For starters, the old bar end weights have been replaced by heavier ones. A vibration damping pad has gone underneath that 14-litre petrol tank and a washer has been fitted to the gear shift lever. First impressions are that there is certainly a reduction in vibrations. But before you ride off to the TVS showroom, understand that while the updates do make the motorcycle more pleasant than it already was (at least to me), the impact is not life altering. The somewhat muted vibrations continue to exist, as they would unless you find a way to defy the laws of physics.

Now it is better

Beyond vibes, good or bad, the Apache RR 310 feels fresher than when I had dropped her off at Century TVS in Pune. A thorough wash, oil change and replacing the air in the Michelins with Nitrogen seems to be suiting this lovely motorcycle just fine. Especially now that the rains have started in earnest in Pune.