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Long Term: Apache RR 310

Long Term: Apache RR 310


Thirty-five years of racing heritage distilled into a single motorcycle. The same motorcycle is put on media trial at India’s oldest race track. That motorcycle is unlikely to be the bike you’d buy if you have to commute to office everyday through traffic. Right? Wrong! And like how. I have been commuting to office and back on the long term TVS Apache RR 310 for the past two months. Comfortably.

Ergonomics is top notch for road use, in spite of its track focus
Ergonomics is top notch for road use, in spite of its track focus

Despite the clip-ons and the rear sets, I am happy to say I haven’t had the need for a physiotherapist yet. And mind you, my commute isn’t a short or easy one. I do more than 20km each way and I cut across the entirety of Pune through peak rush hour. The bike carves its way through the mass of machines quite easily. In the meantime, the bike also went for its first service and is now running smoother. Efficiency has gone up a smidge as well, from the initial 29kmpl to a healthier 31-ish. Unlike many others who seem to have a huge issue with vibrations, the one we have doesn’t seem to vibrate enough to piss us off just yet. Next on the agenda is a long ride that has been pending for long.

Price when new:                 Rs 2.23 lakh
Km clocked this month:    576km
Fuel Efficiency:                    31kmpl
Repairs:                                NA
Cost Incurred:                     Nil
Running total:                     Rs 1458