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Long term: Yamaha FZ25

Long term: Yamaha FZ25

Jehan Adil Darukhanawala

On days when you just want to kick back the stress and opt for something relaxed and peaceful instead of breaking your head over overheating issues on your superbike, the Yamaha FZ 25 is your perfect companion. Easy to manoeuvre, pliant to ride and easy on the pocket, the FZ 25 does all of the above without making you whine about the traffic situation.

I had hoped for a longer period of saddle time after a short hour-long stint at the media ride in Goa, earlier this year and thankfully I have got one now for a couple of months. The torquey single-cylinder mill is just what I want for my daily office runs. The low down grunt as well as the mid-range oomph makes this a neat handler in the city. The refinement level of this Yamaha is simply brilliant and one could hardly ask for more with the way the motor has been set up.

I do have a bit of an issue with the transmission. From the bike which I rode in Goa to the one which I am using often, the slick shifts are still very much present. However I am currently finding it a bit too hard to slot the bike into neutral, something that was not present in the first ride. The first round of servicing arriving soon, I hope that the problem gets fixed. During winters, the early morning rides were eventful (that is if I get up on early on a lazy Sunday). The hills are calling!

Price when new: Rs 1,19,000
Km clocked in January: 365km
Fuel Efficiency: 35kmpl
Repairs: NA
Cost Incurred: Nil
Running total for January: Rs 800.00