Helmet is the most important thing when you ride bikes
Helmet is the most important thing when you ride bikesArai helmet

What is glancing off? Understanding the Arai concept

Most of the helmet manufacturers aim for maximum impact absorption. But there’s more to it than meets the eye, suggests Arai

Helmets are important. If you ride bikes in the India, they’re the one thing you must wear for your own safety as the road conditions are bad and the traffic is worse. And if you’re in the know, there’s one name that’s synonymous with protecting your head in the best possible way – Arai.

The actual depiction of  glancing off
The actual depiction of glancing off

To get under the skin of what makes an Arai so special, the iconic Japanese helmet manufacturer has released a video which aims to highlight the often ignored and little known importance of glancing off.

We all know about the value of impact absorption. It’s the one thing that helmet manufacturers shout about when they release a new lid – and there’s no doubt it’s a pivotal part of any helmet. But Arai thinks there’s something else that’s nearly as important; glancing off. And it should know – it’s been producing some of the finest quality motorcycle helmets on the market since the ‘50s. There’s a reason Arai’s helmets aren’t dripping with oversized vents and spoilers – a strong shell with a smooth, round surface can help to alleviate impact energy. It might sound simple – but if you can help a helmet slide past obstacles, rather than snag on them – you’re on to a winner. That’s glancing off.

Most helmets feature a certain amount of glancing off potential – but Arai’s made it a priority. By assessing innumerable crashed helmets, Arai’s continually perfecting the glancing off abilities of its lids in an effort to improve the protection offered.

Interestingly, helmet safety standards don’t take into account glancing off; it’s tricky to quantify in any kind of consistent way. Instead, industry tests focus primarily on impact absorption. That’s great. But is it enough? Not according to Arai.

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