Lady Riders of India – India’s popular women only riding club

Lady Riders of India – India’s popular women only riding club

Venus On Wheels

India Superbike Festival presented ‘Venus on Wheels’ to celebrate and felicitate women associated with the riding community in the country. The event was held at Liberty Square, Phoenix Marketcity Pune on March 17 and 18, 2018. The aim of this event was to promote women bikers and not merely restrict the idea of biking to superbikes, but also to include women who own and ride two-wheelers. With a lot of importance being given to safety while riding, the event saw the participation of prominent women from the field of motorsports.

Awards were given to female achievers as well as lady riders who have undertaken arduous and long rides on their bikes, across the country and even around the world. The audience also enjoyed the flea market and the live music on both evenings. Through the event, the organisers strived to highlight and showcase the strength of a woman. The term ‘Venus on Wheels’ signifies the rapid pace at which women today are competing in all fields in this challenging world with an emphasis on motorsports and riding!

Lady Riders of India

In the wake of the International Women’s Day, we get a sneak peek into one of India’s women-only motorcycle riding clubs

Idea behind Ladies only riding club

The idea behind the women riding club was born taking inspiration from the Harley Owners Group (HOG). It was initiated purely out of love for biking and friendship.

Core principle of Lady Riders of India

We call ourselves a “tribe” more than a club. The word has deeper meaning and feelings. We believe that we are a bunch of strong, like-minded females from different fields who stand by each other. We are moms, wives, daughters and sisters. We learned to balance wearing different hats.

Becoming a member

The applicant needs to be introduced by one of the existing riders of LRI. We all ride powerful bikes, so we really need to have a good amount of confidence in our fellow riders as well.

Bikes in the group

The club has got all kinds of motorcycles including adventure tourers, cruisers, sportsbikes and naked motorcycles, all above 600cc.

Special initiatives

We conduct many learning activities for the underprivileged women or small girls as well as educating kids and women from rural areas.

Silly thing that other women riders do

Riding without proper riding gear, not being acquainted with basics of riding, not following traffic rules, not using indicators etc are the major concerns.

Message to others

Have a passion which keeps you going, shouldn’t necessarily be what we are doing – pick your own.

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