Monsoon special: Tips to keep your two wheeler problem-free in the rainy season

Monsoon special: Tips to keep your two wheeler problem-free in the rainy season

Bike care

Though the monsoons are welcomed by one and all, let’s admit it, it is not exactly pleasant riding in the rain. Taking care of your ride will help a lot in surviving the monsoons unscathed. Here are some areas that you need to take care of during the monsoons.


A crucial aspect of the bike, the condition of the tyres may be the difference between life or death aboard a motorcycle. Check the tyres for wear and if worn out, replace them before the rains.  Ensure that the centre line and side grooves of the tyres have 2-3mm of depth. A simple way to check this is by inserting a coin into the groove. A quarter portion of the coin should easily be covered by the tread. Another important factor is tyre pressures. Get these checked at regular intervals and ensure optimum tyre pressures.


The body of a motorcycle is constantly exposed to dirt and muck.  So do wash your bike after a ride as the muck can get into the fins and other nooks of the engine and hinder its cooling process. Always park your bike in a covered spot, if not possible, invest in a waterproof body cover. Pay special attention to the frame of your bike, especially the weld joints for signs of rust. If any, get it repaired. Get your bike waxed before the rains as the wax layer repels water droplets better. If the seat covers are cut, get them replaced, as water entering them will destroy the foam inside.

Engine and electricals

Ensure your bike has been serviced properly before the rains lest you are forced to push it in pouring rains. Look out for exposed electrical connections and get them wrapped with waterproof insulation tape. If your bike has an exposed drive chain, get it cleaned and lubed regularly. Make sure your headlights and tail lights are in working order and the lens isn’t cracked or fogged up as it can be hazardous especially riding in the night. Clean your lamps and reflectors before setting off to ensure optimum brightness.


Brakes need to be in optimum shape as they lose a bit of braking efficiency owing to wet roads. So get them checked to make sure it’s up to the mark.

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