Hero MotoCorp launches the Maestro Edge 125 and Pleasure Plus 110

Hero MotoCorp launches the Maestro Edge 125 and Pleasure Plus 110

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Few days after the launch of Hero Xpulse 200 duo and the Xtreme 200 S, Hero MotoCorp launched two new variants of its ongoing scooters. The Maestro Edge 125 has been launched in fuel injection and carburetor. Hero would continue selling the 110 Maestro. The Pleasure Plus 110 was the second scooter that was launched today which would eventually replace the ongoing 100cc model. The Hero Maestro Edge is priced at Rs 58,500 for the carb version with drum brakes, Rs 60,000 for disc brake and Rs 62,700 for FI version (ex-showroom Delhi).
The Pleasure Plus is available in two variants the sheet metal wheel for Rs 47,300 and the cast metal wheel for 49,300 (ex-showroom Delhi).
Bookings for  Maestro Edge from 16 May and Pleasure Plus from the first week of June.

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First, fuel injected scooter in India

The Maestro Edge 125 is launched in two variants, the carburetor and fuel injection. It is the first fuel injected scooter in India. The 125cc FI unit produces 9.1bhp at 7000rpm and 10.2Nm at 5000rpm while the carburetor variant produces 8.7bhp at 6750rpm and 10.2Nm at 5000rpm. The carb variant features Hero’s i3S technology which is developed in-house and it delivers better fuel efficiency in traffic conditions.

The new features in the Maestro Edge are a new Led tail lamp and textured seats along with combined braking, external fuel filling, mobile charging port, boot lamp, side stand indicator, and a semi-digital instrument panel. The Maestro edge FI will be available in two colour combinations while the carb variant would be available in four options which would be matt finish.

The Maestro Edge is priced at a premium over the other offering from Hero, the Destini 125 which is priced from Rs 55,780 to Rs 57,930( ex-showroom Delhi)

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The popular Pleasure is upgraded too

The new model of the pleasure is called the Pleasure plus with a 110cc engine which produces 8bhp at 7000rpm and 8.7Nm at 5500rpm.
In the features department, the Pleasure Plus sports a USB charging port, led boot lamp, Integrated braking system and a new backlit speedometer with fuel and side stand indicator.
The Pleasure Plus sheet metal wheel would have four colour options and the cast wheel would have three colour options.

We will be riding both these scooters soon, so stay tuned to know our first ride impressions.

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