Bajaj Pulsar Stuntmania: How to do a Burnout

Bajaj Pulsar Stuntmania: How to do a Burnout


There are three things that are foremost in a bike enthusiast’s list – a wheelie, a stoppie… and a burnout. Few months ago we kicked off this brand new stunt tutorial series by getting our in-house stunt expert Hrishikesh Mandke to teach you all how to pop your first wheelie. Step by step. So you reduced the tyre pressure at the rear, let the clutch out using just one finger while winding the throttle on at the same time to get the front wheel to lift and came back down using the rear brake.

In the second part we got Hrishi to give you lot a stoppie demo. Reduce front tyre pressure, get moving, pull the clutch in allowing the bike to roll freely and then squeeze the front brake using three fingers. As you feel the rear go light keep squeezing harder until the rear wheel is off the ground and in the air.

And now, we come to the third of the three things that a new biker must learn to do. The burnout. The basic burnout is actually easy but once you graduate to a rolling burnout then the sky is the limit for your tyre smoke to reach.

Step 1: Use four fingers for the front brake
To execute a burnout you will have to exert maximum pressure on the front brake lever to ensure that the bike is absolutely stationary. To do that effectively, Hrishi recommends that we use four fingers on the front brake, essentially jamming the calipers shut on the Bajaj Pulsar NS 200’s 280mm disc.

Step 2: Use the thumb to roll the throttle open
With four fingers locked on the front brake lever, you don’t have a choice but to let the thumb operate the bike’s throttle. The NS 200’s light and responsive throttle means this action is effortless.

Step 3: Using one finger on the clutch
To get the rear wheel to start spinning there has to be a smooth transition of power to the wheel. To make sure this happens, Hrishi uses one finger on the clutch.

Step 4: Plant both your feet firmly on the ground
Once you’ve slotted the motorcycle into first gear, plant both your feet firmly on the ground. Make sure you have a good footing where you won’t slip. This is crucial since losing your footing while trying to do a burnout can have disastrous consequences.

Step 5: Stand up
This is the only way in which you will be able to plant both your feet firmly on the ground. There’s no way of accomplishing this while still sitting on the bike. This also helps prepare for the next step.

Step 6: Shift all your body weight to the front
Put the entire weight of your body on the handlebars. The increased pressure at the front ensures the front wheel doesn’t move and also helps lighten the rear wheel so that it can spin freely.

Step 7: Release the clutch and open the throttle simultaneously
This helps in a smooth transition of power from the engine to the wheel, which makes it easier to get the rear wheel spinning. And with that you have a basic burnout.

Step 8: Getting started with a rolling burnout
To do a rolling burnout you have to get the bike in motion before you do the burnout otherwise it’s impossible to get your feet off the ground once the burnout is already happening.

Step 9: Stand up on the pegs
To get the rolling burnout to happen you will need to stand up on the pegs for the same reasons as when you stand up for a basic burnout.

Step 10: Grab the brakes with three fingers after you start moving
Once you’re moving, grab the brake as hard as you can with three fingers while keeping the throttle open to start the burnout.

Use three fingers for a rolling burnout
Use three fingers for a rolling burnout

Step 11: Hug the tank with the thighs
This not only helps stabilise the motorcycle but also helps steer the bike by putting pressure on the tank.

Step 12: Opposite lock on handlebar
For a rolling burnout to become a rolling doughnut you need to turn the handlebar opposite to the direction you want the bike to turn. So if you want the bike to go left, turn the handlebar to the right.

Step 13: Rolling eights
Exactly at the point where a rotation has been completed, turn the handlebar in the opposite direction to get the bike to turn and draw the figure eight.

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