Here I am....

Here I am....

This is a hybrid cycle that costs Rs 63 grand! But does it have all you need for that kind of money?

Vishal Joshi

Here I am....

On the road again, here I am, up on the stage. Here I go, playin’ the star again, there I go, turn the page…” is exactly what plays in my mind when I am on the road, riding a cycle or a motorcycle. Sometimes I have my own reasons to ride and most times, I don’t. Generally, we like to think that in some way or the other, riding makes us cooler. In many ways, it’s at the heart of all other reasons, isn’t it? The other reason being that commuting is easier, Mother Nature will thank you, your health improves, you meet the nicest people, the sense of freedom and last but not the least, the excitement!

Now about the latter part, it has always occurred to me when I ride or commute all alone. These are the times when I don’t have any reason to ride. These are times that I ride for myself, I call it ‘finding my Zen.’ Yes, riding does that to me. I am pretty sure it does the same to you as well. But I must confess, not all cycles or motorcycles do that. That’s why choosing the right ride is as crucial as choosing the right company to ride with. But why am I telling you all this? Well, the cycle in question here, the Trek FX 3 with disc brakes, gave me a chance to hum the aforementioned song after a long time. Let me tell you why.

Frame game

Just look at it! What a sight to behold! No doubt it is eye-catching, sleek, sporty, and of course, beautiful. It might not be as light as its FX series carbon sibling, but it definitely feels light at just 12.04kg. What catches the eye is the attention to detail that Trek has given the FX series and they certainly haven’t missed a beat with the FX 3. It all starts with Trek’s patented welding technology that is barely visible (in a good way) on the FX Alpha Gold Aluminium frame that goes on till the most minute piece of engineering or a part that one relies on the most, the handlebar. This technology largely contributes in making it a lightweight hybrid, best to be used for long distances as well as commuting, without affecting the stability on either the highway or the stiffness in corners. What adds more to the versatility of the FX 5 is the advantage of carrying it wherever you want as it weighs just as much as a karaoke machine or the average toddler.

Rides well?

I am 5’8” and the 31.8mm Bontrager Satellite Plus Isozone handlebar with 15mm rise made for a decent upright position for me. The FX 3 is a hybrid cycle and is provided with a pair of Bontrager H2 Hard-case Lite tyres for city as well as highway runs, hence it does not come with suspension. I’ve been riding a hybrid cycle for quite some time now and the longest distance I’d done until now was around 21km. However, it just went up by 12km thanks to the near-perfect combination of a relatively steep seat tube angle under the Bontrager H1 saddle, the tall 27.2mm seatpost and the long head tube that made me ride even more comfortably. The smooth transition of speed was taken care of by the 27-speed Shimano Acera gear set along with the KMC X9 chain while the comfort during these transitions was covered by the Bontrager Satellite City pedals. At low speeds, I felt confident as I cut through the traffic. On highways, the saddle, handlebar and the seat proportion meant lengthier rides weren’t be a concern. The 12mm Formula alloy six-bolt disc did a great job by giving me enough stopping power on the highway and enough bite in the city as well; one finger was all that was needed to come to a smooth halt in traffic.


We have said this before and we will stick to the same. There are always two things worth considering when you put down that hard earned money on a hybrid cycle. How long your journey is going to be and what kind of terrain you have to tackle. The Trek FX 3 (disc) is priced at `62,799 and considering its overall package, it is well-equipped and definitely fits the bill for someone looking for a hybrid cycle. It can be used for greenway rides, the office commute or for neighbourhood jaunts as well. So it doesn’t really matter if you stay alongside the highway or in the busiest part of the city, the Trek FX is versatile enough to have you humming a tune.

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