Interview with Moksha Bhosle - A young motorcycling enthusiast!
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Interview with Moksha Bhosle - A young motorcycling enthusiast!

Moksha Bhosle. A 21-year old biker from Pune shares her story with Fast Bikes India

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Interview with Moksha Bhosle - A young motorcycling enthusiast!

How did it all start?

“It all started as a dream, a dream to pursue my passion in biking. Ever since I was a little girl, I always admired my uncle, Vishal Bhosale, who would ride and perform stunts on his bike. He has been my inspiration since then. As a teen, I was always interested and keen on learning things about biking, I would also request my cousins and friends to teach me how to ride a bike. In 2017, after turning 18, my parents finally agreed to buy me my first bike, and there she was, my own KTM 200 Duke.”

Your most memorable riding experience?

“My most memorable experience would definitely be during India Bike Week in 2017 where I rode from Pune to Goa. I consider this event to be very special as it was there that I met Vijay Singh, the man behind Rajputana Custom Motorcycles. It was also the first time that I was introduced to Flat Track racing by Harley-Davidson, after which I went to Jaipur and was trained in the art by Vijay Da and Marco Belli.

Other than that I’ve also participated in various rallies and orange day rides where I competed against boys and completed the races.

I was one of the top five riders who were selected for the TVS One Make Championship. These events and all the people I’ve met on two wheels have shaped me as a person and as a rider.”

Juggling riding and work

“Juggling riding with my profession was never a hard task with the decisions I took for the thing I loved. As a student, I used to complete all my assignments and project work throughout the week so I could find time for a blissful Sunday morning ride.”

Your favourite motorcycle yet?

“My favourite motorcycle would undoubtedly be the 2017 Ducati Panigale 959.”

Being an inspiration

“It really feels good being an inspiration to all the people out there, it encourages and helps me to keep going with my goal in my mind.“

Message to girls

“Girls are stronger than they think they are. It’s difficult in the beginning to be in a space with mostly boys around, but it’s not that you’ll be dominated. You mostly get a lot more support than you would expect.”

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