Royal Enfield showcases six wicked customs at  Wheels and Waves 2019 
Royal Enfield at Wheels and Waves 2019

Royal Enfield showcases six wicked customs at Wheels and Waves 2019 

The theme at this year’s Wheels and Waves was ‘back to roots’ and the customs that Royal Enfield have put up do exactly that

Royal Enfield at the Wheels and Waves 2019 at Biarritz, France, showcased six custom motorcycles based on their outgoing platform of motorcycles. This year’s theme at Wheels and Waves event was ‘Back to roots’ and Royal Enfield have done a stellar job at keeping in touch with their roots while making these customs in collaboration with Harris Performance, Sinroja Motorcycles, Rough Crafts and Malle London.

The Wheels and Waves is one of Europe’s most iconic motorcycling festivals that revolves around classic and custom motorcycles, surfing, skateboarding along with music, visual arts and other forms of expression.
Royal Enfield is known to collaborate with companies and build custom designs of their motorcycles. And this year at the Wheels and Waves 2019 festival, Royal Enfield was no slacker. They have come up with six staggering customs – The BAAK Motocyclette and Nought Tea GT made by Harris Performance, the Two Smoking Barrels and MJR Roach made by Sinroja Motorcycles, the Midas Royale made by Rough Crafts and the Malle Rally Royale by Malle London.

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1. BAAK Motocyclette by Harris Performance:
This custom is based on the new RE Interceptor 650 and takes it to a whole new level. The Build keeps in touch with the theme of the even with its bathtub style rear fender but does so using modern cues and proportions. It blends elements from the modern and older generations of motorcycling seamlessly and beautifully.

BAAK Motocyclette

2. Nought Tea GT by Harris Performance:
This custom is based on the new RE Continental GT 650. The bike has been designed to attack the track and it has the credentials to do so. The bike uses light weight parts along with Öhlins suspension and tweaks done by the chassis experts at Harris performance. The bike has a well styled fairing and the body and design are reminiscent of the older cafe racers.

Nought Tea GT

3.Two Smoking Barrels made by Sinroja Motorcycle:
This custom is based on the Continental GT 650 and has been stripped down significantly to reduce weight and improve performance to compete against higher horsepower bikes. Sinroja customs decided to strip weight instead of adding more power. The bike weighs in at a mere 150kg and is a real looker. This custom took part in the Punks Peak Rally.

Two Smoking Barrels

4.MJR Roach made by Sinroja Motorcycles:
This custom is based on the RE Himalayan and is designed to survive anything. The bike has heavy video game influence and is equipped with some outlandish equipment like a Garret turbocharger cause, why not. Apart from this, it has a forged aluminum single sided swing-arm and massive chunky tires. It almost seems like a post-apocalyptic survival bike. This custom took part in the Swank Rally event

MJR Roach

5.Midas Royale by Rough Crafts
This custom is based on the Continental GT 650 and took part in the Art Ride in the Wheels and Waves festival. The bike is posing as an endurance racer and receives some serious weight reduction in form of an all carbon body and rims and top-spec Öhlins suspension and custom made chassis parts. The custom also receives the signature Rough Crafts black and gold treatment that makes the bike look regal and royal.

Midas Royale

6.Malle Rally Royale by Malle London:
This custom is based on the Interceptor 650 and is designed to highlight the bike as a long distance rally build. The two bikes were designed specifically to compete in the Great Rally 2019, a ride that covers the length of the UK. Both builds have customised WP long travel suspension and custom made Harris chassis parts along with a bung of other adjustments to best suit its rallying needs.

Malle Rally Royale

All the Royal Enfield customs displayed were brilliantly designed in my opinion and should definitely spark up the minds of a lot of RE motorcycle owners and custom builders to come up with designs of their own.

Words by Karan Ramgopal

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