What a tool: T-Handle Hex and Star key set

What a tool: T-Handle Hex and Star key set

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A neat little set of budget T-bars, ideal for getting into tight spaces.


They’ve all got decent length shafts so don’t struggle to connect with those hard-to-reach bolts that are hidden behind your radiator, bodywork or some such obstruction. The star-drive (or ‘Torx’) T-bars are becoming more and more useful, as more manufacturers seem to be opting for this type of bolt (BMW being a case in point). Each T-bar has a driving bit on the handle too, meaning you can use the long shaft as a lever to undo the more stubborn bolts. A handy feature on the Hex T-bars is the rounded end, meaning you can tackle bolts, even if you can’t get your tool on them squarely. There are eight hex T-bars in the set, ranging from 2mm to 10mm, and eight star T-bars ranging from T10 to T50.


The sky is the limit when it comes to spending money on tools; you could easily spend 10 times the cost of this kit on the equivalent Snap-on item, but we have used these bars for a few years and they have been more than capable of undoing and doing up anything we have needed them to.

Ok, they are probably not made from the strongest steel known to man or beast, and if you find you need to start swinging on them to loosen your bolts, there is probably a better tool for the job. And if you are working on stuff that needs tightening accurately (or just mega tight), you ought to be using a torque wrench, but for everyday maintenance, and for handiness, I don’t think you can beat these cheap and cheerful T-bars. The handles are comfortable and the rounded ends on the hex bars make it really handy for twisting bolts in or out when you can only get on them ‘pissed-up’, and the set comes in a dead handy case. Not bad at all for the price.

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