What a tool – Lock-wire pliers

What a tool – Lock-wire pliers

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What is it?

A tool which makes twisting lock-wire a really easy task.

How does it work?

Lock-wire pliers have a locking mechanism that can be engaged to clamp their jaws on to the lock-wire you want to twist, so you don’t have to maintain a solid grip on the pliers’ handles when twisting. But that’s only half of it. The really nifty bit is the way they automatically twist when you withdraw the helical rod from the rear of the pliers; a nice even twist is applied to the wire when the rod is pulled back, and a ratchet and spring system cause the rod to snap back into place when you release it without untwisting the wire it has just twisted. Most lock-wire pliers come with side cutting capabilities too, which you can use to cut your wire to length in the first place and trim any excess off, once you have finished making all your nuts and bolts safe.

Is it any good?

Yes. If you are going to be doing any lock-wiring then you need a set of these in your tool box. Okay, we might not all be TT racers and/or aircraft engineers, so you might think them a little unnecessary, but nowadays most racing clubs stipulate that the sump plug and oil filter must be lock-wired before they will let you on the track. Obviously, if you do want to start lock-wiring stuff on your bike, then you are going to have to start drilling bolt heads, but we think that’s a very small price to pay for the added peace of mind that seeing a length of twisted wire fastened to your brake calliper bolts gives you. They tend to come in two different sizes, six-inch and nine-inch. We find the nine-inchers a little cumbersome so would recommend the smaller ones for working on a bike. Good lock-wire pliers come with a pointed nose, which not only helps you delicately grip the wire that you want to twist, but means you can easily fold over the twisted and trimmed ends, to avoid having a sharp bit of wire sticking out, waiting to stab you in the finger end or palm. You can pay anywhere from Rs 900 to Rs 9000 for a set of lock-wire pliers. How much you spend will depend on how often you use them, but you can expect to get something that is good enough for weekend use for about Rs 1800.

Verdict 10/10

An absolute essential tool if you are doing any form of racing, and they’ll take up next to no room in your tool box.

+ Easy to use

- We can’t think of any

What a tool – Lock-wire pliers
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Price & contact:

Cost: Rs 1800 (Subject to change without prior notice)

From: www.amazon.in

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