How do India’s women riders define Thrill of Riding?

How do India’s women riders define Thrill of Riding?

Pink is the fastest growing colour in the world of Indian motorcycling for there has never been a time when there have been more women riders than we do now. We asked some of them to share their idea of what the words Thrill of Riding means to them.

Aishwarya Pissay

I love the adrenaline rush that I get when I ride. It makes me feel alive .  It’s just wonderful how much I have explored myself from the time I have started riding, be it touring or racing. It has taught me discipline, consistency, and more. Riding motivates me to push my limits and break those barriers every single time be it on the bike or off the bike. And that to me, is the Thrill of Riding.

Anam Hashim

Riding isn’t just about thrill, it’s way beyond speed and adrenaline rush. For me riding is a way of life. You ride , you learn with experience and grow. It can’t be expressed in words. Every stunt trick I learn, pushes me to move forward and learn more. The hunger never ends …

Labdhi Shah

I experience the Thrill of Riding each time I get on a bike and wring open the throttle. The excitement and that sensation of acceleration never fail to leave me with goose bumps. It’s about experiencing freedom and passion every time I ride out.

Neha Nambiar

If I had to explain the Thrill of Riding in one word it would be “freedom”. Biking takes me to a whole new level of being content and happy. It fills me with positivity and makes me feel alive. Every moment spent changing gears, opening the throttle and carving my way through corners is one spent in happiness.

Pooja Dabhi

Thrill of Riding for me is exploring different states, cities, eateries, ghats, highways and dirt trails. All on two wheels. As a racer, the thrill of course is in minimising my lap times around race circuits. Every millisecond shaved off the previous lap and getting closer to getting my knees on the track are super thrilling.

Priyanka Kochhar

I guess I don’t have a definition for the Thrill of Riding. I ride because I enjoy it. I got into it because it meant pushing the boundaries or what I could do and along with it, pushing the boundaries of social acceptance. I like to move out of my comfort zone and that’s how I discovered motorcycles after having moved from being a journalist and then a model. Biking gives me ultimate joy!

Samiksha Bali 

Riding a motorcycle is what fuels the senses for me . It’s not about reaching from point A to B, but more about all the experiences you gather on the way. The thrill of not knowing what’s around the next corner and what kind of road awaits you. Having all your instincts at their sharpest best is hands down the most invigorating feeling while riding. Pushing myself to learn to ride better and getting over my little apprehensions gives me a sense of elation that is unmatched. Riding makes me happy.

Sapna Sukesh

For me the Thrill of Riding has to do with me being able to overcome my fear of two-wheelers and riding a motorcycle in the first place. The first time I rode one alone, I was so scared I had tears in my eyes. Since then however, the thrill overcame the fear and there has been no looking back. As a novice I heard all the trackside jargon that bikers seem to love – apex, body positioning, counter steering and so on. It all sounded a bit too much but when I went to the California Superbike School I realised there was a lot more to motorcycling than meets the eye. Now, I find the Thrill of Riding on the track and that makes me a better and a safer rider.

Sharvari Manakawad

Thrill of Riding to me is the feeling of exhilaration, excitement and adrenaline that I feel each time I ride a bike. It does not always have to do with speed but more about having fun. That’s what you need in life to feel alive!  The Thrill of Riding to me is overcoming challenges and experiencing the world around me a bit more than I would have otherwise. When I ride, I see more, smell more and feel more. Then of course there is the thrill of doing something new, stepping out of the comfort zone, it makes you experimental, makes you open towards new ideas, like a solo road trip. It’s an escape from the routine.

Shreya Iyer

Besides the adrenaline and a sense of liberation, riding is like fathoming an endless mystery. The more you probe its secrets, the more it surprises you. Pushing yourself over the brink, travelling in the eye of the storm, riding on gnarly trails, soaking the eyes with the rarest panoramas, exploring the paths less travelled and most importantly leaves you with experiences that no picture or word will ever be able to catch. And these experiences are worth more than a king’s ransom to me.


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