In conversation with Sharvari Manakawad

In conversation with Sharvari Manakawad

PR executive and biking enthusiast shares her story with Fast Bikes India

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In conversation with Sharvari Manakawad

How did it all start?

I learnt to ride a motorcycle simply as a new skill. In my college days, I used to always hang with the boys who used to stunt with the RSA club and I didn’t want to borrow a bike for that. This was one of my first life lessons – being independent. On my 18th birthday, I told my father that I wanted to now take up a part-time job, so that I could earn enough to buy myself a bike. He told me to concentrate on my graduation instead, as he was sure that this would be a passing fad. Ten years on, the garage has only grown bigger!

How do you feel as a woman biker?

I feel this “woman biker” thing is quite hyped. When was the last time we referred to someone as lady lawyer, lady doctor, woman pilot or a woman engineer ? Let’s be gender neutral, and give credit to people for their unique skill sets.

Sometimes I do realise that I’ve hurt a lot of male chauvinist egos and some try to snub me, but then I choose not to be around such people or in such an environment, because to me my mental peace is most important.

Juggling riding and your profession

Yes, it’s quite difficult to do long rides as in my industry, we cannot plan long leaves or holidays in advance, so it’s only once a year or so when I’ve switched or quit my job that I really had the opportunity to venture out on unplanned vacations.

Your favourite motorcycle yet?

My Ducati Scrambler of course! It’s the perfect motorcycle, and I’ve stopped looking elsewhere since I got it.

Being an inspiration

I have never thought of myself as one. But if someone somewhere can draw inspiration from my humble achievements, I’d be more than thrilled.

Message to girls

Get out there and just do it. Unless you face and overcome your fears, you’ll never know what you’re truly capable of. Being on the road teaches you to find a way in any situation/circumstance and that really boosts your confidence. Start with a smaller bike, pick easy routes and when you feel you’re improving, choose the more challenging ones. And always remember, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

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