Greatest roads in India: Sela Pass

Greatest roads in India: Sela Pass

Greatest roads don’t necessarily mean a flawless stretch of asphalt. It’s the unforgettable experience that the patch of road and the surrounding scenery has to offer. Travelling down from Tawang to Dirang, one would have to encounter the Sela Pass as it is the main road connecting the two districts. The pass stands at an elevation of 13,000ft (3963m) and is usually snow clad throughout the year. But when we got there (back in November), the weather was calm with only chilly winds.

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The skies were clear and traffic was flowing smoothly down the multiple hairpin bends that it had to offer. Enroute Dirang, via the Sela pass you cannot miss the beautiful lake which thankfully wasn’t frozen during our visit. We were given strict orders to only stop at the Sela gate and nowhere after that until Dirang. This was because the weather gods had no control on their emotions beyond that gate and could bury us in knee-deep snow any minute. Multiple hairpin bends, unpaved patches and bare minimum barriers make the Sela Pass an exhilarating experience.

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