Greatest Roads in India: Kaza to Kalpa

Greatest Roads in India: Kaza to Kalpa

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Out in the plains, 206 kilometres may sound like a joke, especially given the kind of roads and highways that successive Indian governments have been building since the days of the G Quad. In the Himalayas, filled with challenges at every other turn, a mere 206km might seem like an endless ribbon of road that dances its way up the mountains. The good bit however is that riding on Himalayan roads is extremely rewarding. Especially, if you’re headed from Kaza to Kalpa. The road passes through exotically named Tabo, Sumdo, Nako, Pooh and Pangi. Thankfully, this stretch is brilliantly surfaced and thoroughly enjoyable. The views that you get through the gaps in the foliage are absolutely magnificent. More so when you get the opportunity to spot a village or a town far below, and the cloud line is almost at eye level. Enjoyable though this road is with its lovely corners, some fast flowing others tight hair pins, danger lurks in the form of trucks. Frequently, you will find trucks hurtling downhill. Also, watch out for shepherds and their flock who can suddenly appear as soon as you’ve gotten past a corner. The other thing to remember is that this is not a road for breaking speed records. Take your time and enjoy it.

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