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Jawa’s stint with Indian cinema

Jawa’s stint with Indian cinema

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The iconic Jawa Motorcycles is back in India and has nostalgia written all over it. For the uninitiated, the Jawa brand first came to India in 1960 and the Jawa Type 353 was the most popular among us and is now collector’s items. The catchphrase used by the brand was “Forever Bike Forever Value” which still holds true for many. To this date, the motorcycle has a cult following with various clubs and the International Jawa Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of July every year.

Looking back at the glorious days of the Jawa/Yezdi motorcycles, we couldn’t help going through the 2-stroke legend’s career in the Indian film industry. Here’s our top picks of the Jawa Motorcycles’ action packed career in reel life.

Shahrukh Khan’s tattooed Yezdi in Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa

Jawa’s stint with Indian cinema

The 1994 hit film saw Shahrukh Khan riding through the scenic roads of Goa to meet his long lost love. His motorcycle loaded with stickers and painted spokes and exhausts perfectly reflects Shahrukh’s happy-go-lucky character in the movie.

The shiny Yezdi from Chashme Buddoor

Jawa’s stint with Indian cinema


In the 1981 classic comedy, The Jawa shares a lot of screen space with the actors in this movie. In the song, Pyaar lagawat kare muhabat, the three lead actors hop on the a, go for a spin and encounter all sorts of trouble. This movie, we feel is one of the best examples showcasing a product in a movie without letting it look like an advertisement.

The beat-up Yezdi from Ishaqzaade

Jawa’s stint with Indian cinema

In Arjun Kapoor’s debut film, the actor is seen roaming around on a beat-up yellow Yezdi. Though Arjun Kapoor initially hated this motorcycle, he soon grew to love it and apparently rode around the sets on the bike between shots.

The rooftop jumping Jawa

Jawa’s stint with Indian cinema

In the 1979 movie Suraksha, the protagonist riding a Jawa is being chased by a couple of goons. From a hill descent, the riders find themselves riding through huge pipes and a housing complex. He doesn’t leave the bike under the building and takes it up the elevator only to do a terribly CGI-ed jump to the rooftop of the next building.

Rambo of the Jawas

Jawa motorcycles were more than just an eyecandy in the movies. Here’s the most dangerous role a jawa motorcycle has played in our cinema. In the highly acclaimed Kannada flick, Naa Ninna Mareyalare, actor Dr. Rajkumar has tested the motorcycles’ mettle to the core. From riding over traffic like a whoops section of a Motocross track to taking the motorcycle on a steep hill and eventually crashing down the hill, the Jawa surprisingly endured everything and ensured that the hero meets the girl sitting in the train he’s been chasing.. Wingman goals!

If we missed out on any other movie the Jawa was a part of, please drop a comment.

Words by Manaal Mahatme